Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Catching Up

Weekend before last I was preaching in Cheshire - Crewe to be exact. I had the opportunity to catch up with Julian Ward and his wife Margaret. For those of you who don't know Julian, he is a heavyweight theologian who taught at Regents Theological College for many years.

The church I spoke at was one I was familiar with from Bible College days. West Street Christian Fellowship, as it is now called, has for a long time been a strong, outward looking church with a real desire to touch the surrounding community.

I spoke at three services: a traditional communion service at 9.30, a more family oriented service at 11.15 and then an evening celebration type service at 6.30. People were very friendly and I felt that what I had to say was well received.

I was impressed by the commitment of the people and their leaders. There was an openness and sensitivity to the Spirit which was refreshing.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the church was the spectrum of people who are part of it. Elderly and young. Young families and older families. Students and singles. Not easy to build and hold together such a diverse church, but by God's grace the people of West Street have managed to do it. Well done West Street Christian Fellowship!

You can find out more about West Street here .

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