Thursday, 8 January 2009

Richard Dawkins can't rule out the possibility that Santa Claus exists!

I cannot believe what I have just heard Richard Dawkins say.

He said on a video clip on the Guardian website that you "Can't say there is definitely no God - you can't say there is definitely no Father Christmas". Huh?

The video can be found clicking here . It's a 2 minute video. Go to about 1.11 and you'll pinch yourslef to make sure you're not dreaming.
Please tell me if I have misunderstood.

This is my 100th post. Thank you to Professor Dawkins for making it memorable!


Jon said...

When I was studying zoology we looked at a lot of Dawkins' scientific work into the way genes affect our behaviour. It was fascinating stuff. I really admired his work. But a lot of what we were studying was from the 1980's. These days he is only interested in poisoning people's minds with his angry anti-Christianity writings. I think he's found a niche in which he can make far more money than he ever did as a respected scientist! These days when I see his name written I just think "What nonsense is he saying against Christianity this time?"!!!

James said...

I've heard others make the same kind of comment as you. It sometimes seems as though he has gone from serious scientist to celebrity scientist or perhaps even just celebrity. I really was astonished at this little video clip. What he said seemed so undignified and petty for a man who - whatever one thinks of his views - has had a distinguished career as a serious scientist. The question that comes to your mind when you see his name these days says a lot, I think, about what he will be remembered for. Thanks for the comments Jon. Always appreciated.

Robin Edgar said...

I dare say that it is all too easy to scientifically prove beyond any reasonable doubt that professor Richard Dawkins is often "undignified and petty" in his hostile attacks on religion, not just Christianity by any means. Richard Dawkins is against any and all gods including Heliogabalus no doubt. . . I have already pointed out Richard Dawkins' "petty taste for ridicule" in 'The Atheist Supremacist's Song', which you can vote on on the 'Am I Right?' song parody website if you so desire.

Graeme said...

I don't know anybody, (including a lot of my Atheist friends) who actually think this is a good campaign! its not well run, its not got a point and it only makes scene as a response to the original campaigns. at least we try to feed the poor, etc. besides the message isn't upbeat?? it makes people doubt even why they exist? even if NO GOD was a good thing, that ad isn't exactly upbeat, think they were just being smug that they are "clever"

James said...

Thanks guys for your posts. Have just voted for your song Robert and left a comment.Welcome to comment leaving at Outthere!

Yeah- I think your right G., I hadn't heard of the campaign in the media or read anything about it. As you say, it's not exactly captivating. Perhaps atheism just can't be captivating, however you try to sell it.

Robin Edgar said...


Feel free to spread it around a bit too. . . :-)