Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Charter of Freedom

There's a fascinating article on the Ten Commandments in the latest online edition of Prospect Magazine . The author, David Bodanis, clearly takes a very sceptical view of the history surrounding the Old Testament narratives about Israel and the Exodus. Nor is he impressed with the way in which God is revealed in the Old Testament.

However, he argues forcefully that the Ten Commandments are more of a charter for freedom than an agenda of repression, and takes the well-known atheist, Christopher Hitchens, to task for dismissing the Ten Commandments as the rantings of a vain and vengeful God.

Below is a little taster for you:

"[The Ten Commandments] consistent message is not one of repression, but of freedom: freedom from fear of your possessions being taken; freedom from relentless work; freedom from chaos. Refugees today would seek little more. "

On the subject of the "Ten", if you have Sky or cable tv, you might want to watch J. John's "Just 10" series on UCB . You can find out more about J. John at Philo Trust .

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