Tuesday, 18 November 2008

David Icke and the End Times

Channel 4's catch up service - the C4 equivalent of the Beeb's iPlayer - looks like a useful tool for those who want to have a bit more control over their viewing. I watched snatches of Who Really Runs The World. It was all about conspiracy theories and those who promote them.

David Icke, not surprisingly was much in evidence. He really does believe that 9/11 was an "inside job". He reckons a mysterious group known as The Illuminati carried it out. I had a look at his website. Amongst his other theories you can find this notion that a secretive group of powerful politicians and wealthy families are trying to take over the world. They want to establish a one world government and have total control over our lives.

Trouble is, this is a bit like some stuff you read in Christian circles about the end times! Perhaps what Icke and the end times teachers have in common is that both parties have observed certain trends in the world and, rightly or wrongly, come to similar conclusions about what is going on. The main difference is that Icke probably thinks Christians are part of the conspiracy and Christians might think Icke and his ideas are all of a piece with the rise of antichrist!

On a more serious note, it does indicate that there are many people out there who distrust the establishment and are looking for some sort of explanation as to what's going on and where it's all going. Which is why in our evangelism we should keep the big picture of God's cosmic purposes in Christ in view.

You can watch the whole programme here .

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