Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Catching Up

I did promise I'd keep you up to speed with some of the things that are going down in Glassworld.

Keeping very busy at present - probably too busy.

We had the first session of Street Pastors -Roles & Responsibility training last night. Les Isaac did the presentation. Very good indeed. If you hear this man you will want to be a Street Pastor. Very inspiring.

On the subject of inspiring people, I met up with Wynne Lewis last week. Wynne is one of the heroes of Elim. He's probably best known for his leadership of Kensington Temple.

Wynne's supposed to be retired, but "retired" is not an epithet we will ever be able to attach to Wynne. It was pretty special to have breakfast with him and discuss issues of leadership and church growth.

Today it was regional breakfast, cooked by myself and Kevin. Tonight, it's Street Pastors again. It's a great life!

You can find out more about Street Pastors on their website and find out what the BBC says here and here. The Telegraph also did a write up on the initiative last June.

KT's website will help you find out more about this great London church.

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