Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Special post: Elim Bible Week

I was asked on Facebook how the conference I am attending is here's some - very abbreviated - notes from one of the main speakers, Dary Northrop. I tried to put it on my wall as my status, but it was too long!

A sermon on Luke 19 about reaching out to people

1. It is often difficult for people to find Jesus (1-4)

"Everyone needs a moment to see who Jesus is for himself"

2. It's never difficult for Jesus to find you (5)

Zac had a story. Everyone has a story - listen to the story

Jesus doesn't look down on people - He looks up at people

3. Jesus loves the person more than the crowd (6-7)

Jesus didn't please the crowd "if you want to end up miserable, try pleasing the crowd"

The story of Jesus is a story of ministering to one.

Jesus was fully present in the conversation he was having with Zac - the power of being "fully present" in a conversation

Jesus had the time and He took the time

4.Only Jesus can change the heart (8-9)

Jesus didn't say to Zac "You did cheat on your taxes"

We have to give the Spirit of God space to work in people's lives


Kevin said...

Great to see the Glass gang at conference.

I'm reading Jules Verne's "The Mysterious Island" and came across the following quote which certainly reminded of your/Northrop's first point:
“Yes, let us look for him,” replied Cyrus Smith, “but the mysterious being who accomplishes such wonders will not be found until it finally pleases him to call us to his side.”

James said...

Good to see you and Sam and to hear the good news.

Love the Jules Verne quote. I'm sure that could make it in into a Kevin Taylor publication some day?

Hope you found Bewbush in good shape on your return.