Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A few links

This post is just a bit of a round-up of some things I've been reading / listening to for the past few weeks.

Very impressed with Word & Spirit . Extended interviews with Craig Keener and Peter Davids can be found if you type their respective names into the search engine.

I've been reading The Storm by Vince Cable. I was looking for something to help me understand the present financial crisis. Cable's book does that and much more. It is very informative, but in an accessible way. And it's not heavy with banking jargon and number crunching. I picked it up from The Book People for £4.99. A real bargain.

Cookiesdays is one of my favourite blogs. It points you in so many fruitful directions.

My good friend Paul Sinclair has written a book Now Open Sundays . Great book to give to your not yet Christian friends. Very humorous but with a clear message.

This article was an eye-opener about world population; the problem the world faces is not one of too many people, but one of too much greed. Now there's a thought.


lynn said...

I love it when you post link to bits and bobs like this. Always good to have a peek at other people's reading lists!

Hope all goes well this weekend, be in touch soon?

James said...

Hi Lynn - thanks for the comments. I've been more of an occasional blogger of late. You know what it's like. Will be in touch soon. Have a great Easter.