Saturday, 23 January 2010

Live on air

I did my first ever radio work on Thusday evening. Lorna Grady at Revival FM invited me to be part of her show - The Late Show. She asked me all sorts of questions, including, if I could invite six people (three from the bible and three from non-biblical history) to a dinner party, who they would be.

I enjoyed the whole thing. Lorna did an excellent job in the way she asked her questions. Her ability to blend humour and serious issues was very effective.

You can hear Lorna at 9.30 on Thursday evenings on 100.8 FM.


lynn said...

you've GOT to post here what your answer is to your six dinner party guests!

James said...

Well here goes Lynn - Elijah, David, Stephen, Churchill, Luther-King, John Wesley.

I'd also like to have Napoleon and Abe Lincoln there. And Queen Elizabeth I. And so many others. Fascinating question don't you think?(By the way, I wasn't allowed to invite Jesus).