Friday, 4 December 2009

John Wimber - one of the most influential leaders of the 80's

This clip of John Wimber leading a congregation in worship is like a little cameo of the 80's. Singing in the Spirit was for many the high point of worship. The haunting "Spirit of the Living God" was one of those real heart cry songs. And John Wimber had enormous influence on the church, especially in Britain. Quite moved when I first watched this video.


lynn said...

James, are you on a retro-fest :-)

I totally agree with you about John Wimber. Along with Bob Gordon and Colin Urquhart, his teaching shaped me and my friends so much. He introduced me to the heart of the Father alongside the centrality of the word and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Great to see this :-)

James said...

I guess I am! Surprised at how much some of this stuff has touched me. Wimber , Urquhart, Gordon, Prince, Pawson - it's a real hall of fame. Thanks for the comments. Just one post left. The song that was sung for a generation!

Have a good weekend!