Monday, 16 November 2009

A month's a long time in ministry

It's almost a month since I have posted anything. And a lot has changed! I'm now living in Scotland and pastoring Glasgow Elim.

The transition has been fairly smooth. We have been made to feel very welcome by the people of Glasgow Elim. It feels as though we have been there for a lot longer than three weeks! I am surprised at how "at home" we feel already.

Glasgow Elim has a very different profile to Elim Church Crawley. It is a church that is well known nationally and internationally and has hosted some very well known Christian leaders; we've just finished a week of ministry with John and Carol Arnott and Sharon Stone. And then I'm preaching next Sunday. No pressure, just privilege.

The children are getting used to new schools. God has been very gracious in the way in which he has made a way for them.

I don't often share personal stuff on this blog, but I think I should share this.

We were a little apprehensive about Jonny moving to a new secondary school - and he was too.

We encouraged him to see it as an opportunity to prove God. I felt that God was speaking to us through the story of Jehoash visiting the dying Elisha. It's that story about him striking the ground with the arrows three times, when he should have struck it six times (2 Kings 13.14-18). Anyway, he got three victories over Aram and was publicly successful. However, he could have had so much more (2 Kings 13.25). I encouraged Jonny to believe God for real success and favour at his new school instead of just hoping to make it through. And he has risen to the challenge and is finding that the Lord is really helping him.

Thanks for all your prayers - but do keep praying!


lynn said...

It's really good to have you back and I am sure many, mnay folks have been praying for you and yours as you begin to settle.

Thanks for sharing that personal story. I'm always really thrilled and encouraged when I read of parents walking their child through hard times with real practical application of the amazing Word that we read. I am sure you have made a story come alive with your supporting/cheering-on role!

James said...

Thanks for that Lynn. It is very exciting preaching to your own family! I wish more people would do it!

Good to hear from you.