Saturday, 3 October 2009

Tim Keller Blog

Check out Tim Keller's new blog. I'm looking forward to reading his posts. Keller has been a favourite for a while.


lynn said...

heard Tim Keller speak on Friday at a Leadership Summit. Really lilked him (I have just read Prodigal God)and chatted about him tonight with a friend.

Would like to read something else of his - what would you recommend for a TK novice?

James said...

Hi Lynn. Steve McCoy over at Reformissionary has put together a list of resources. TK's book "The Reason for God" has some great arguments and is very well researched. I have found Keller brilliant on witness and mission in the city. If you click this link to Reformissionary and scroll down to "City" Sermons you will find three sermons which I found eye-opening. This is the lnk: