Tuesday, 29 September 2009

When Benedict met Darlene

I was channel hopping through the religious channels yesterday and in truth, it all seemed a bit dull. A bit predictable. Until I got to EWTN - the catholic channel.

I could never have predicted what I was going to see and hear. There was Benedict preparing to celebrate mass in the Czech republic with "This is my desire, to honour you..."(in Czech) belting out in the background.

What's happening? Is the catholic church becoming more open to the Spirit? Is it an attempt to hold on to their young people? Or is it all a Roman ruse to lure away weak evangelicals?

I don't know, but it certainly wasn't what I expected!


Richard Slater said...

Having worked in the Catholic Church (indirectly) for the last 4 years I have realised that the Catholic church has a far larger range of beliefs and opinions than any other church (including the Episcopal / Anglican) church. There are charismatic catholic churches in Brighton and Hove that are alive with the spirit firmly believing in modern acts of the spirit. I have discovered you can’t generalize about the Catholic Church you have to take each community at its own merits.

James said...

Hi Richard. Thanks for an informed perspective on the whole Catholic scene. It seems amazing to me that something that was so homogenous - at least to some of us on the outside - should now be so diverse.