Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A travelling angel?

Something a bit unusual happened today. I was sitting at my desk busy changing the world by e-mail when I saw a guy come up to the front door of the church. I opened the door and asked if I could help.

He wanted to know if the church was a Pentecostal church. Then he asked if all Pentecostal churches were the same. When I said that there were some differences. He asked why there were differences. I thought it was too complicated to talk about church government, initial evidence, etc., so I said that there were often different Pentecostal churches because people are human beings and they sometimes fall out with each other.

I was amazed at his response. He said that he had never heard anyone admit that before!

I invited him into the church office and it turned out he was a traveller from Ireland. It so happened that he knew of William Lee and had heard him preach and he told me some fantastic stories of what God is doing amongst the travelling community. Unfortunately, he himself had lost his way a bit.

After a few minutes his brother called him on his mobile and he was gone. What a great interruption to a Tuesday afternoon. (I'll tell you a great story he told me about a preacher in Ireland another day)


Graeme said...

wow this is cool,admitting our mistakes does somehow make us stronger, its counter intuitive but yeah I'd have never have thought of explaining it that way.

James said...

Thanks for the comment G. I suppose it is good to remind people that Pentecostals are humans!