Thursday, 27 August 2009

Thursday Thoughts

I wondered what you'd make of this clip from a David Wilkerson sermon. A couple of people have sent it to me. Love to hear your thoughts.


Richard Slater said...

...had to take a moment there... I will freely admit that video convicted me ... Cathereine and I have been praying for each other and others in the morning before I go to work and in the evening before we go to bed - it has helped our Marriage to have that time with God set aside. However I have felt for some time that it was a bit superficial, the sort of prayers that children pray. I need to show that video to Catherine to see how it makes her feel, thanks for posting it.

James said...

Hi Richard. Thanks for your comment and your comment on yesterday's post. I really appreciate your honesty. I think this video does cause you to think about your prayer life. So good to hear you and Catherine are doing well.

Werewolf Dude said...

Very hard video to watch.

You have to be careful to distungish between anguish (which can make you active) and anguish (dispear (sic)) which makes you give up.

Keith said...

Wow. Good stuff. How many times do we read in the gospels and Jesus had "compassion" (- com patheo ... with to suffer ... to suffer with) on them.

1 Cor 13. A better way ... not a substitute for ... but a better way ... if we really love we will be equipped as we cry out to God for the spiritual tools to do what He longs to.