Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Duncan Campbell

I was having a clear out recently and came across a biography of Duncan Campbell, the leader of the revival on the Isle of Lewis in the mid-twentieth century. It's a fascinating read and there are a few surprises here and there.

Even in this short biography one feels something of the sense of God this man reputedly carried. The book is out of print, but the Wiki article will give you a flavour of Campbell's life and impact.

You can find some of his sermons on MP3 here .


Keith said...

Good stuff James but you need to stick in a closing ) so that the link will work & the wiki artical open.

Best wishes from Dublin,


Keith said...

James this is something that you might be interested in as by and large the events are set in N.I. & the book written up 2006. It is by the president of the FGBMFI Ireland.

Best wishes,

James said...

Thanks Keith. Will take a look at your link and try and fix the Wiki link.