Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Celtic Deal

I cuaght up with the second part of the BBC series on the Celts at the weekend. This time St. Columba and his mission to the Scottish territory of the Kingdom of Dalriada (West of Scotland) and eventually into the land of the Picts was part of the subject.

Again, it was fascinating to learn about a period of history with which I am unfamiliar. I also felt I was touching the authentic Celtic spirit. Some of what bears the moniker "Celtic" is at best loosely connected with the missionaries of the dark ages.

An expert from the Ulster Museum commented that the Celtic missionaries were testing themselves to the limit and were making a new settlement footprint [on Iona] that had never been seen before.

What an intriguing way to describe the courageous pioneering efforts of these men. Testing yourself to the limit might just be one prerequisite for any man, woman or movement that wants to break new ground. Leaving a footprint that's never been seen before will most assuredly be the consequence. It seems to me you can't have one without the other. It's the Celtic deal. It's the mission deal.

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