Friday, 17 April 2009

The Narnia Code

Thursday nights after prayer meeting is usually wind down with a cup of tea (and this time some excellent chocolate cake donated by a kind church member!) and Newsnight or Question Time. But no Question Time this week, instead a documentary on BBC1 with the title The Narnia Code. I was going to Sky Plus it, but it hooked me.

A scholar, Dr. Michael Ward, claims to have found a hidden code in the Narnia Chronicles.

He argues that there are three layers to the books. First of all, they are fairy tales. Then, they are also a fictional representation of Christian themes of redemption. However, that's not all. In his view the seven books of the series represent each of the seven planets of the medieval world view. At this deeper level, he claims Lewis is giving us a universe that is divinely ordered and permeated by God - and rescued by Christ in His resurrection from the dead.

I found it fascinating. I was also pleasantly surprised that the whole thing was treated so sympathetically by the BBC. Well done, Auntie!

You can catch up with it on iPlayer .

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