Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Just get ten (or twelve,perhaps?)

I am so pleased to have discovered Seth Godin and his blog. I find his posts are though provoking and really challenge the kind of conventional wisdom that is rapidly becoming unwisdom.

At one level, Seth's posts are marketing related. At another, you gain an insight into the way society works in the early twenty-first century. I would recommend anyone who wants to reach the world of today to read his blog. I realise that the preceding sentnence might not make sense - after all what other world can we reach other than the one of today? Sometimes, however, our thinking is more appropriate to reaching the world of yesteryear.

The post First,ten, I think, is very helpful in understanding how ideas spread in our world. This could help us in our thinking about mission and discipleship. I seem to remember that Someone Else started out with a similar sized group - twelve in His case.


Werewolf Dude said...

Word of mouth is good, but sometimes we need to open our mouths, show the changes our faith has made, for it to spread.

James said...

It's the pesonal contact that makes the difference. Thanks WD.

Werewolf Dude said...

Anytime Dude.