Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I still love Rick Warren - and this is a great story!

A number of years ago I signed up for Rick Warren's Ministry Toolbox. You get an e-mail from Pastor Rick every week with an article on a particular subject. There's a few other resources as well, but Warren's own contribution is usually the highlight.

This week his piece is You Need A Mentor. It's all practical down to earth stuff as you'd expect. But he tells the story of a mentor he had named Billy. Billy had had a mentor himself. He - Billy's mentor - was the pastor of a church in Texas. One day Billy asked him a question: "I'd like to know how you stay fresh?" The pastor replied that he read the New Testament every...I'll not spoil it for you. You can read the whole thing here. Be ready for a double surprise!

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Werewolf Dude said...

Love the surprise, that is true dedication.

Sometimes we all need fresh eyes to see things differently.

If you are called to mentor someone, what does it take to be an effective mentor?