Friday, 27 March 2009

Getting desperate with God in Starbucks

I was having a discussion recently about the future of the church, and, inevitably cafe church came into the conversation.

As I reflected on the discussion, I thought about some of the people who I've met "in church" with really desperate needs. I asked myself this question, "When life gets really desperate, and you need to get desperate with God, how do you get desperate in cafe church?"

What does "desperation" look like in that context?


Graeme said...
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Graeme said...

im not exactly sure what a "cafe church" is or what you mean by it, but I'm assuming that you mean a group of believers who meet in starbucks (or some other leading brand of coffee shop, hehe) well I would assume as long as there is authentic relationship between the people they can I'm sure come before God, I personally believe I would struggle as God seems to move more in the still and quiet in me, not sure how that would work in a cafe but if your serious with God, and you are despirate for more of him, anyone (no matter how British they are - people around you are also brits then they wont say anything either) is capable of getting on our knees in starbucks no matter whats going on around :) IMHO