Friday, 6 March 2009

Calvin makes an inevitable comeback

Some audios caught my eye this post at Between Two Worlds. If you scroll down you will find four talks to download by Colin Hansen. I have listened to the first three. They were very informative not to say fascinating. I hadn't realised that there was such a revival of Reformed theology amongst young Christians in America.

I think of my theology as pretty much Reformed but set in a Pentecostal context. I think that Reformed people would consider my theology "Reformed lite" at best!

Piper, Driscoll and a college principal called Al Mohler are considered the kind of unofficial leaders of what is happening.

What ecclesiastical and cultural currents are driving it is another question. A desire to return to a more classical expression of Christianity? Disillusionment with the megachurch culture? Burnout out from just trying to love Jesus and do good? Who knows. Whatever the drivers are it is certainly making an impact and on the whole an impact for good.

Not sure that such a "revival" is happening in the U.K. or mainland Europe. Perhaps it is partly to do with people rediscovering the theological sources that were so influential in the founding of the American nation.

Hansen's talks are worth listening to at any rate.


Graeme said...

yeh they ar good talks and worth listening to I second the notion, I've got some calvin books on my reading list for this year. Guess its the driscol infulence.

James said...

Good to hear from you G. All the best with the Calvin books! Glad you enjoyed the talks.

Kevin said...

Thanks for the heads up on that conference James. Just spent the last two hours of home group discussing Calvin and his theories. I think we explored almost every emotion as we tried to get to grips with what this guy said: particularly about salvation.

James said...

Thanks for the comments Kev. JC is not for the fainthearted. Impressed you tackled him at home group!