Sunday, 1 March 2009

All a waste of time?

Since we've been on the subject of social networking sites, here's some thoughts from Seth Godin. In fairness, the question is being put to him in the context of business, but his comments are interesting.

Godin's considered a (big) bit of a marketing guru. You can find his blog here.

Look forward to your comments.


Richard Slater said...

I never understood the concept of keeping business cards. I just started adding contacts to Outlook or my phone and then binning the business card. The business card itself is a just a container and the contents (if useful) can be decanted into something more practical.

It would be nice if services like Twitter and Facebook had an "Active" friend metric - that is one that has interacted with you or you have interacted with in the past 28 days. Not sure if it would actually help us in any way, I just like being able to ask a question on Twitter and three people reply to me with the answer.

It is similar to looking at the statistic of visitors for your website, I spend the first three months after installing Google Analytics checking every day to see if my visitor count had gone up, after a while I realised it wasn't actually that important and my time could be better spent generating content.

James said...

Hi Richard. Thanks for the comments.It's good to hear what people are thinking about social networking phenomena, especially since they are just that - phenomena. I wonder if Seth Godin is overlooking the need / desire that people have to keep up to date with each other without any strings attached? Perhaps it is more fun to have three people answer a question on Twitter than just doing a Google search.