Thursday, 29 January 2009

"You really were my dad"

Tony Hart, who died recently, will be remembered by a generation for the BBC children's tv classics Vision On and Take Hart. The BBC website reported on his funeral.
His daughter's tribute included the following recollection:

"I remember begging you to collect me from school, so that the other children could see that you really were my dad, and you did."

Those words are profound and touching. Profound that a little girl should live with the consciousness that her father was so special. Touching in that she should want everyone to know that he really was her dad.

Sometimes, I think, that is the heart behind our prayers; we want people to know that He really is our Father. It's not just about having our needs met or a prayer obviously answered with a divine "Yes", it's also about us wanting to "show off" our Father. And He loves to show us and others that He is our Father.

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