Tuesday, 13 January 2009

How serious are we about reaching people?

Graeme Arthur sent me a link to a post on Ben Arment's blog that contrasted the lengths to which companies go to generate leads - i.e. get your name and address! - with the way in which the church pursues new people.

There is something in this short article that resonates with me. Some of you will immediately think, "We can't bring a business outlook into evangelism."

Think of it this way: if business will go to such extraordinary and sometimes expensive lengths to flog us a bit of temporal clobber, why should we be any less intense and intentional in seeking to meet with people to share Christ?

It concerns me sometimes how "spiritual" people have very little concern to engage people socially. I think this is especially true of Pente / Chari world. We want to zap 'em or bash 'em - anything but talk to them, so it sometimes seems.

Why is it that people who claim to be so concerned about lost people wont turn out to a social evening and spend some time getting to know non-Christians?

Perhaps one of the most important skills the Christians of this generation could learn is that of networking. By all means be in faith for the next great move of God and pray around the town if you like. But neither of the above are a substitute for talking to real people.

For some common sense on networking take a look here. Just think of all those people that you could network with as real people who really do need Jesus.

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