Thursday, 18 December 2008

I've been tagged

I don't usually get into e-games. On Facebook, I don't respond to anything other than messages and writings on my wall.

However, this time I will make an exception because it has come from Graeme Arthur and Richard Slater. Apparently, I've been tagged. That means I have to share seven things about myself - presumably they have to be interesting. So here goes...

1. Grew up on a farm
2. Lived in the capital of Ireland for four years
3. Spent a summer selling fruit and veg out of the back of a van
4. Once slept rough in a park in Italy
5. Have never been to the U.S..
6. Shared a compartment on a nineteen hour train journey through Ukraine and Crimea with an ex-Red Army paratrooper
7. Never tasted Guinness - it's hard to explain this to people

Don't know enough bloggers to tag!

Hope this is the sort of thing your after guys.

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