Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas's obvious isn't it?

You might well have heard this before, but it's one that's worth playing over and over again. You can check out a longer version on YouTube

A big, happy, Jesus-filled Christmas to all my readers!


Anonymous said...

"Death couldn't handle him!" Great clip James, who is the preacher?

Perhaps 3 minutes sermons are the way forward?


James said...

Thanks Kev. It's Dr. S.M. Lockridge. Apparently the S.M. stands for "Shadrach Meshach".

3 minute sermons? Sounds like a great idea!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Pastor James

This is the most powerfull video clip I have ever seen.

Thats my King !

Pam 09/06/2010

James said...

Thanks Pam. How did you find this after all this time?!