Monday, 8 December 2008

Catching Up

Missed blogging last week. I had wanted to post today's video last Monday, but for some reason couldn't upload it. Must have been the devil trying to prevent such wise advice hitting my blog!

It was a busy week. I had two days in Ireland -Tuesday and Wednesday -and got back to Crawley 7.30 a.m. Thursday. I try to spend a couple of days with my parents every four months or so. EasyJet makes that a bit more straightforward for me.

We're pressing ahead with our plans for Christmas and I'll post a video later in the week to remind everyone about our Community Carol Service. Christmas is a fantastic opportunity to invite friends to events and a great opportunity to preach the gospel.

I've mentioned Street Pastors on this blog before. We're making lots of progress with that one. Sarah Davis is now our co-ordinator and she's doing a fine job. Sarah did a short presentation at the inter church meeting at Crawley Baptist Church last night and we prayed for those training to be street pastors.

We had the privilege of a visit from David Campbell, our regional leader, yesterday morning. Good to hear David and spend time with him and his wife Mandy afterwards.

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