Thursday, 23 October 2008

Pentecostals in Politics: The unfolding tale of Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin's appointment as John McCain's running mate was big news a couple of months ago. Predictably, the media had a field day. First of all it was a kind of grudging awe at her barnstorming speech at the Republican National Convention. And then, came the send ups and the revelations about her "weird" religious beliefs.

One of the clips below is of an African pastor, Thomas Muthee, praying over her. He will be known to some from the Transformations 2 dvd. He was the one who saw revival after the power of witchcraft was broken in his town.

The other video is a kind of press demolition of Palin and her church and its practices.

Unfortunately this is the kind of prejudice Pentecostal belief and practice still faces. I found it amazing in the latter clip that the presenter was sympathetic to the witch who had fallen through Muthee's ministry.

It seems that its ok to hound a creationist out of his or her post, but not someone who keeps people controlled by fear and superstition.

It has to be said as well that even though we might be at ease as Pentecostals with our theology and practice, it doesn't make particularly good tv. It tends to attract the wrong kind of attention and fuel the suspicion and prejudice that still exists with respect to Spirit filled ministry.

I'd love to know your thoughts.

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