Monday, 1 September 2008

Monday Fun

The Mayor of London in top form in Beijing.


Jon said...

Hi James,

Great blog. Thanks. It's a real blessing even in the Far East, please keep it going!

Incidentally you might enjoy this video of Boris Johnson in a charity football match doing the kind of tackle we don't see in the English game anymore, more's the pity:

Hope you and the family are well.

God bless! Jon Sumner

James said...

Hi Jon

Good to hear from you. Just visited your blog.

Boris really is a legend. You feel that there is some hope for society when such a man can be Mayor of one of the most powerful cities in the world!

Love to Elly.


Werewolf Dude said...


Wif-Waf sounds a much cooler name for ping-pong, why was the name changed?