Sunday, 7 September 2008

Driscoll - A voice that must be heard in our generation?

I'm in danger of contradicting what I said in previous post about celebrity culture and the church.

However, I think we have to recognise that Mark Driscoll has something to say to our generation. It pains me to admit that I have to learn something from someone born in the 70's, but there you have it. I'm sure some of the Pharisees were upset not only by what Jesus said, but by the fact that He was a thirty-something.

Driscoll is certainly a guy who is trying to connect classical orthodox Christianity with his generation. That in itself I find so commendable. Penal substitution and iPods. The two don't always seem to go together, but Driscoll manages to connect them. He has made controversial remarks on controversial subjects, but who hasn't?

What is also very impressive is his candour with denominational leaders, and in fairness their willingness to give him a hearing. He spoke frankly to New Frontiers at their Together On A Mission conference and recently did something similar with the Anglican diocese of Sydney. You can read his points at the Sydney meeting here.

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