Friday, 22 August 2008

What's out there

Holidays put an end to blogging for a couple of weeks.

I've still managed to keep up - to some extent - with what's being posted on blogs and websites elsewhere.

I guess the Lakeland / Todd Bentley saga is the big news in the Pentecostal / Charismatic world. Whatever you thought of Lakeland, I hope you would agree that for it to end in this way is tragic and impacts us all.

You can read the statement from Fresh Fire Ministries at

J. Lee Grady also comments at

For something more encouraging check out Steve Addisons two part interview with Andrew Evans on the remarkable growth of Australian Assemblies of God (now Australian Christian Churches):

Enough for now.

I'll post later on a debate held at the Edinburgh Festival between Christopher Hitchens (leading atheist) and John Lennox, Christian apologist. I know you can't wait.

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