Saturday, 2 August 2008

What the Doctor orders

There's an interesting post at It's a summary of a conversation between Mark Driscoll and J.I. Packer.

Packer outlines four theological priority areas for younger leaders:

  • A deeper understanding of regeneration - being born again gives you a new heart and a new identity

  • God-centred theology

  • Godliness begins in the family

  • Trinity - emphasising and appreciating Father, Son and Holy Spirit, not just Jesus and the Holy Spirit

When someone with the experience and wisdom of J.I. Packer speaks, it is worth considering what he has to say.


G said...

this is great James but could you expand on these points? as God centered theology is kinda vague and would help me more if I understood some specific examples
many thanks

James said...

Hi G

I think what he is saying is that a lot of Christian teaching these days is focused on us rather than God. So our happiness, fulfilment, etc., becomes central rather than God's purpose and glory.