Friday, 27 June 2008

The First Word

Jesus has really got to be the first word on this blog. I have to admit that the idea of introducing my blog in this way is taken from one of the best books I have ever read on leadership.

To mention Jesus before anyone or anything else is not just an attempt to appear more spiritual than I really am. It's because I hope that this blog will help to introduce people to Jesus and that it will cause people to grow to love Him and desire to follow Him.

I have begun blogging primarily as a means of communicating with the church community I serve. I hope that it will not only give me a chance to talk about things that are on my mind, but that together we'll be able to dialogue on some of the bigger issues of our time and how we respond to them as followers of Jesus.


ace said...

Hi James, thought I would jump in there and leave the first comment to your blog space. JESUS number 1 huh? Sounds a bit radical to me!!!! You know I love designing my own T-shirts and I am just in the process of designing one for myself that will say "I'm keeping Jesus in the boat". Kinda cool!!! See you at church Sunday. David Merritt

James said...

Hi Dave - honoured to have you post the first comment on my first blog. Thanks. Your T-shirts sound great. Let's hope we can help people keep Jesus in the boat and hlpe some others to get Jesus in the boat. See you tomorrow. James